Your Girlfriends Think You Deserve Better Than You Think You Do

I’d like to preface this entry by saying that I & my best friends are not the typical girly girls.  I am a tomboy through and through & 3 out of my 4 best friends I met through professional wrestling.  Yes, they & I threw down, wrestled, broke more bones to count, got thrown through flaming tables (well, mainly that was me), bled profusely & enjoyed every minute of it. In fact, one of them is in the WWE Hall of Fame.  Not girly girls for sure.  The other I met in the go go industry but she is the scariest of all.  No one & I mean NO ONE messes with her.  She just has this “don’t even think about fucking with me” presence.  It’s her gift & no one fucks with her.  We are not the type to cry & whine & say stupid shit like “why doesn’t he like me???”.

Recently I’ve learned that it’s probably a good idea to censor some of the information you provide your girlfriends with about a guy you like or are dating.  One of my best friends recently got out of a two year, long distance relationship & started blogging about some of her “ex experiences”.  We were talking about some of these happenstances & I told her that she & her ex would never had stayed together so long if she had informed me & one of our other best friends of these incidents (basically because we wouldn’t have allowed it). To which she replied “That’s why I didn’t say anything.”. I then thought about how my friends react to the things I tell them & basically, if a guy has shown one iota of douche bag behavior, they hate him.  Time to kick him to the curb.  When I passed on what I said to this friend to another best friend through text, she mistakenly assumed he had hit her & was ready to pick me up & drive through several states to go kick his ass.

When it comes to dating, everyone at one point or another is a douche bag.  For example, I wasn’t convinced that the guy from my “It’s a Work” piece was a total dick.  Did he pull a dick move?  Hell, yeah.  Not one that I can’t say that I haven’t pulled myself, although in a lesser degree.  I’d hung out with a particular guy a few times but, just wasn’t really feeling “it”.  I hemmed and hawed about just telling him outright.  It’s hard to reject someone!  I didn’t answer quite as many of his texts & became more distant & I guess he got the hint. I still feel like an asshole about it.

My friends are probably right though.  I totally gave the guy from It’s a Work a chance to redeem himself & he didn’t.  Not even an “I’m sorry”.

It’s all good though.  There’s a lid for every pot.  In the meantime, it’s nice to know I have best friends willing to kick the living shit out of some guy who treated me wrongly.


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